Four of the Best Exercises to Keep Yourself Healthy

For those who are not serious about exercising or don’t consider themselves an athlete but still want to workout for better health or to fit in their clothes better, considering gyming can be terrifying and time-consuming at times.

Here is a list of some of the best physical activities that don’t require going to the gym or require you to be fit enough to run a marathon. These workouts are believed to do wonders for one’s health. These exercises are a great source for improving your balance and range of motion, keeping weight under control, preventing bladder control problems, protecting the joints, as well as preventing dementia.

Regardless of your fitness level and age, these activities are a great source for keeping yourself in shape and lowering risk for certain diseases.


Experts advocate swimming to be the best exercise. The weight of your body is supported by the water and provides movement on your with fluidity by removing all the resistance that comes from using them in the air. Since it is less weight-bearing, it is an ideal exercise for people with arthritis.

Scientists have found this exercise to elate mood and promote a feeling of well-being as well as improving your mental state. Water aerobics is also a great alternative which helps burn calories and keep your body in shape.

Tai chi

This refers to Chinese martial arts that combine relaxation and movement promoting health of the body as well as the mind. It has alternatively been called the meditation in motion. The exercise consists of graceful movements with a smooth transition from one into the other. There are various levels at which these classes are offered which makes it accessible and valuable no matter what your age or fitness level is. Elder people tend to benefit more from this exercise as there is a gradual decline in balance in the human body with the progressing age.

Strength Training

Strength training is not only for macho, in fact, lifting light weightlifting that is intended to keep the muscles strong as opposed to bulking them up is regarded as the best measure from keeping your muscles to lose their strength over time.

It is better to store your calories regarding the muscle mass as compared to fat mass. It is easier to maintain your weight when you can easily burn it by exercising your muscle. Strength training is also a source of preserving brain function with age progression.

It is important that you follow the right weight training program for the best results. Start light from just one or two pounds and gradually work your way up.


One simple yet powerful exercise is walking. The benefits are tremendous that include maintaining blood pressure, strengthening bones, improving cholesterol levels, lifting your mood, as well as reducing the risk for major cardiovascular and neurological disorders. Start with a well-fitting supporting pair of shoes with a brisk walk for 10 to 20 minutes a day.

Why Music Makes Us Feel so Good?

Music has a very important contribution to our lives. Music gives power to human to evoke vivid memories and emotions, and we often relate to the most the emotional moments of our lives with a soundtrack. People who are involved in making music can vouch for this, and these people are said to have particularly higher levels of intelligence if they know how to read the notes and create original music, or they can produce music through musical instruments or use their voice as an instrument in a song. This is the reason there has been extensive research about the relationship between music and intelligence.

Nearly all of us, at some point in our lives, have experienced a life-changing musical performance or have been deeply moved by a piece of music. For those who find peace in music or those who create it or those who have a favourite instrument or an artist that deeply moves them, are keenly interested in knowing what it is about music that makes us feel so good?

It is a unique trait of humans to enjoy music. Since music is not necessary for our survival like food or sex; it is intriguing what makes this act so rewarding and pleasurable for humans. The circuits that are lighted up with musical input are the same as the ones that light up with the stimulus from food or sex. Dopamine is the chief chemical that is secreted in response to the musical input. Dopamine is our “happy hormone” associated with motivation, pleasure and reward.

Our brains are programmed to like different kinds of music based on the connections our pleasure centre makes with other parts of the brain.

When we hear to a new song, the pleasure centre fits it into an already mapped out area where our music preferences are preserved. This is what makes us enjoy new songs as they are familiar while being and exciting.

Here are some ways to participate in music on a daily basis:


This most conventional method- getting out your old records, putting on the radio, plugging in your device. Music can find its place in the foreground or the background no matter what you are doing. Let’s take an example of listening to your favourite song while washing your car, or play soft classical music while your study or read to soothe the mind and help it keep focused.


Playing an instrument has been linked to higher levels of intelligence. If you don’t know one, improvise or even better take lessons to learn. You don’t have to go for formal music education, neither there is an age limit to learn a musical instrument. Just tune in to your inner musicality and go on with the intricacies of the musical instrument. Percussion instruments are simpler to start with such as bongo or tambourine or start taking formal lessons with the more complicated ones like guitar or piano.

Comprehend it

Figure out how to peruse and comprehend music, the arrangement of a tune, song, verse composing, distinctive styles – the options are countless. Music exploration can be dictated by your very own interests. Perhaps music history is your speciality, or maybe you enjoy the classics the most. Read the accounts of your most loved performers or artists; this is always fascinating.

Go Global

Get some answers concerning melodic styles and instruments from around the globe and attempt and witness them. Music is a superb method to find out about a culture while you are voyaging. Endeavour to see a customary show or show each time you are abroad and widen your melodic skylines.

Music influences us to feel so great, and the advantages of music are many. It quiets and alleviates us when we are restless or miserable. It spurs and invigorates us when we require motivating force. It’s an incredible source for diversion and diverting our core interest. It teaches us and opens our brains to the basic human experience, our history and our expectation for what’s to come.


The Novel Scientific Inventions and Discoveries of the 21st Century

Through countless discoveries and developments in the scientific world, the scientists continue to expand our understanding and knowledge of the natural phenomenon happening around us.

The scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century have been through the roof as compared to what the human kind achieved in any previous centuries. These advancements have helped raise our standard of living and provided ways for great innovations in the future.

This article represents a small but significant chunk of those discoveries made in the 21st century.

Discovery of the Gravitational Waves

The discovery of these waves relates back to the Einstein’s theory of relativity which predicted that time travel is something that can be made possible with the right equipment. This view has been reinforced by these recent findings. Scientist advocate that gravitational waves can assist in developing new equipment that will allow the mankind to travel to the darkest and earliest parts of the universe. This was the first in the history of scientific research that “ripples in the fabric of space-time” were witnessed.

Discovery of Water on Mars

It was confirmed in September 2015 by the NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) that the liquid water does exist on the red planet-Mars. NASA came to this conclusion when they visualized some hydrated salts through their imaging spectroscope also known as the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). These hydrated salts tend to darken and flow down during the warmer seasons, and in cooler seasons, they tend to fade. This process of hydration indicates that water plays a major role in their transformation.

The invention of Robotic Body Parts

Employing the advances in engineering and biomechanics, scientists have invented robotic body parts. The discovery was first put forward by the University of Twente who designed this prosthesis to assist the individuals suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This will be aimed to amplify any residual function in the arm. Employing the Darpa’s Revolutionizing Prosthetics project of creating prosthetics, they have also made a robotic prosthesis for the amputated soldiers of the US army. The future innovation in this field is based upon finding how physiologically viable/functional these robotic body parts can be made. The scientist is making an effort to make these exoskeletons controlled by the human mind.

Discovery of T-Rex Tissue

Another remarkable advent has been made in the field of palaeontology, where scientists have discovered decomposing and partially fossilized femur of the T-Rex who is believed to walk the Earth some 70 million years ago. The fossil was found to have transparent and flexible vessels which are thought to be preserved due to the iron between the limbs. The tissue from the T-Rex has always played a vital role in determining the physiology of the entire species of the dinosaurs and helped to establish the models at molecular and cellular levels.

Finding the Cure to HIV

According to the recent estimates by the, there is a massive population of 36.7 million people who are fund to have AIDS. Among which 1.8 million represents children. This disease has taken over as a major immune-related killer in the world. However, recent advancements have led to the discovery of the cure. The first patient was cured by the Dr GeroHütter who transplanted the bone-marrow of an HIV-resistant patient into the HIV-infected patient. Where antiretrovirals are great at increasing the life-span of such patients, this novel technique promises a cure for this disease in the future.

Harvesting the Human Organs

The successful experiments of cultivating human organs in the laboratory through the stem cell research have provided greater access to organs. Scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School have paved the way to regenerate the function of human heart tissue by utilizing the adult skin cells. Stem cells have the potential to transform into any kind of cells in the human body. In other words, there have the hundred times increased the capability of regenerating as compared to a differentiated tissue. Through stem cells, various research projects are providing heart, fallopian tubes, kidneys for the needy donors.

What Does Nature Teach Us About Life?

Gazing deep into nature tell us that how frail we are yet how blessed we are. Every moment spent with nature tells us that all we possess is our consciousness and each other in this vast void of nothingness. Whatever we achieve in life would have very little meaning if it weren’t for the people what gets benefitted in the way. There is an intriguing sense of purpose that comes from knowing the nature. Let’s talk about what we can learn from nature.

Divine Timing

Nature teaches us in the best possible ways that there is a right time and the right season for everything to ripe and flourish. All of us can relate to the hassle we have towards achieving things in life in the present moment. Most of us find it hard to wait for the fruits of our actions and want to reap the results immediately. The best things in life take time. Take the example of meditation, self-discovery, self-transcendence and contemplation-they are not like instant coffee-the results take time.

Nature interprets the same in its season’s cycles when we see it changing from bitter cold winter to the blossoming winds of spring, making way for light and warmth of summer and taking us into the delightful changes of autumn. These cycles can help us better equip to make amends in our timings and increase or capacity of patience. All good things take time. Your desired achievements will come to you at the right time in your life if you bear patience.


Nature teaches us best how strong it is to be humble. Humility should not be considered to be a passive quality as it is something we need on a daily basis when we interact with others. Where in nature do we experience humility? Let’s take an example of the green grass and how it portrays humility every day. With countless pairs of feet rubbing over it every day, they spring back up each time unharmed and don’t complain or wither away in the process. This is what makes walking on the grass barefoot so wonderful. Contemplating the humility of grass can help you enhance the quality of your life and will collectively make the earth a better place to live.

Beauty in Simplicity

This is the most obvious lesson we receive from nature. When a person becomes receptive towards the truths of nature, he no longer walks with his gaze town and mind occupied with puzzling materialistic thoughts. The beauty of nature resounds us all around us! When you take a walk, try focusing on your breath while quieting the mind and don’t forget to smell the roses as you do that. Taking time out to be with nature and experience it with all its vastness can change our perspective to the life itself. Catching the view of sunset and sunrise, walking through the forest along the trees and the ferns and gazing at the vastness of the blue skies can be so uplifting in this materialistic world.

Nature has healing powers, through communicating us the way to restore and replenish our energies. Breathe in the splendour and beauty of the sunset and contemplate the subtle colours of another of God’s great paintings across the sky. We are cradled in the strong embrace of nature all around us, and its Supreme Power is flowing through our lives, taking care of every concern and flooding us with Grace and Light.

How to Make your Life Spiritually Fulfilled?

Today’s society provokes all of us to “have it all.” This according to this society is the only way we can keep ourselves happy. When you possess a materialistic approach towards life, it is not possible to achieve every material value that you put your mind to. This becomes a vicious circle of disappointment leading to frustration and discontentment towards life.

However, if you set goals in life according to spiritual fulfilment, it does lead to a fulfilled life that makes you happy. The goals of a spiritually fulfilled life are not to have it all but to have what matters to you the most.

Few things that go a long way in making your life content are discussed below.

Making Best Use of Your Time

When you show up on time for your errands, it shows people that you care and makes them trust you to be responsible for other aspects of your life as well. This will help you build a meaningful relationship with them, and you will enjoy relationships built on such values.

Taking Jesus Wherever You Go

When you know that God is with you in every situation, be it good or bad, it strengthens you and brings you greater peace an helps you better equipped to take on the challenges that life throws at you.

Making People Feel that You Care

When you feel God is calling you to help some people, never neglect to care for them. But it is very important to realize that you can not pour from an empty cup and you should not forget to care about yourself in the process of taking care of the others. God never burdens anyone more than they can bear. So, be sure to put yourself first!

Be Better Organized

Staying organized helps you to live an orderly life and eliminates the unnecessary stress that keeps you from being happy in your life. Once you realize how goof being organized feel, you won’t like to live any other way.

Be True to Your Words

You cannot build satisfactory relationships with people-relationships that bring you peace-without having them built on trust. You can only enjoy human interaction if keep your promises, say what you mean and always do what you commit to.

Reading Bible Whenever Life gets Rough

Bible is the best way to tell yourself that you are not alone in your hardships and when you give yourself a daily dose of the Words of Christ you will experience the happiness radiating into your life.

Accept Everything as the Will of God

We get discontent when we let the unexpected events from life steal our happiness. If you start accepting them as they happen, you can make a massive shift in your life from discontentment towards contentment. This can be achieved by knowing that everything happens according to the will of God and whatever He does bear some good for us. You will God fulfilling good purposes from any events when you have this approach towards life.

There is No Shame in Asking for Help

There is no shame in asking for help through prayer from the God or practical support from the fellow being in the form of meal or ride assistance when you are suffering from a crisis. Don’t let your needs neglected by not asking for help.

Get doctrine under your belt

Know your biblical truths well and apply them to your life regularly; this will help you approach life from a healthier and more spiritually beneficial way.