Our Vision

Our non-profit organization is on a mission to help people trade in the pursuit of the American Dream for a world that is in desperate need of the Christ.

IQI TV is an online television service broadcasting videos 24/7 hand-picked by people who love God. Use IQI TV as your daily devotion for your connection with God.

IQI TV brings you instant access to all of your favourite Christian videos and great music, all in one place. Watch on the go, anytime and everywhere. IQI TV has an amazing library of faith-based content for every person who wants daily hope and inspiration in their life. IQI TV is your daily source for Christ-centered, faith-based videos perfect for you and your family

IQI TV is a Christian video sharing website that exploded onto the scene in 2015 when its creators in Danbury Connecticut took on the mission to produce videos that made a critical analysis on current affairs and how they affect our lives. The idea was to produce videos that were truly holistic from reputable people giving an insight into a Christ-centered life.

Our Mission

We invite you to visit IQI TV to be encouraged in your faith with daily devotionals, ministry and worship videos and the best cue, comedy, inspirational and music videos on the web.

At IQI TV, we also encourage you to upload your own videos and become a part of our community of viewers! We thoroughly invite you to reach out to us and let us know how we are doing!

Our Team

IQI TV is blessed to work with an amazing team of kind people who truly love what they do. When they are not working hard to bring you videos, they enjoy lunchtime walks on the canal where we attempt to pet every dog that walks by. a

The goal of the IQI TV is the same as it has always been, to serve God and His people by performing according to His will to the best of our ability. Our team is committed to producing and distributing excellent quality, scripturally sound, inexpensively priced Biblical videos video, audio and the written scriptures. IQI TV has a genuine desire to glorify the Father, His beloved Son, His word and His blood-bought church and not to glorify ourselves or any other men!

Our ultimate goal at IQI TV is to encourage as many Christians as we can, to be on mission wherever God has them—to be TRADERS.

At IQI TV, we firmly believe that mission of the Church matters. Everything IQI team does is rooted in the belief that the God’s people can have a powerful impact on this world.